Our All Courses are 100 % Job Oriented and self Employment

  • To build teaching environment that responds to future challenges.
  • To nurture talent and creativity as well as provide aspiring faculties from diverse background.


  • To exceed the student’s expectations by providing high quality and cost-effective education.
  • Quality instruction from the best Subject Matter Experts in the computer education fields.


Welcome To Galaxy Computer

Galaxy Computers© was established to fill the gap between quality and convenience that few in-person or online training courses can achieve. We employ the top minds in industry to develop and deliver robust, impactful training based on widely-established adult learning principles. When attending an Galaxy Computers course, you can expect… Galaxy Computers founded with the mission of providing best quality computer education to all class of people in a very reasonable fee structure. Thousands of students have already trained professionally and made their successful career in the past years. Over the past few years the growth of the computer industry has been quite remarkable and today it is the fastest growing industry, Not just the students or housewives, even experienced professional are helped greatly by upgrading themselves in Galaxy Computers. Our organization provides the platform to build up the bright professional career in computer field.


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